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Continuous cooperation, endless possibilities

Collaborative and uncompromising on quality, we work with you to exceed your expectations.

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The Power of Knowledge and Experience

Our experienced, dedicated team delivers excellence daily and creates an experience that generates confidence and trust. We ensure smooth and uninterrupted service because we understand the ins and outs of your industry – as well as which substrates and printing technologies are right for your needs. We work in tandem with every level and role within your company, providing each person involved in the process with what they need, eliminating issues, and increasing efficiency. And our dedicated team follows your project every step of the way. We are committed to helping your brand stand apart with superior-quality printing as we understand and value your brand’s reputation as much as you do.

Our Specialized Abilities

Flexographic Printing

We bring products to life with custom flexographic printing. Our 10-color printing capabilities and specialty water-based and solvent inks, metallics, and coatings bring endless possibilities to your brand.

Nexxa Excels In:

  • Operating 24/7 with multiple complementary assets, ensuring flexible and agile service
  • Providing the best ink system for your needs, whether it is water- or solvent-based
  • Guaranteeing color accuracy, so your brand is represented true to color through a state-of-the-art solvent ink room
  • Having the rare ability to print up to 75 inches wide

Large-Format Wicketed Bags

If your goal is standing out on the shelf, we have you covered. We work hand in hand with your team to custom manufacture eye-catching wicketed poly bags to draw your customer in. Specialties include paper towels, toilet tissue, paper napkins, and more.

Nexxa Excels In:

  • Guiding you through production efficiencies with our expertise and adapting design when needed
  • Being the ideal choice for multi-pack bundle applications
  • Solving product issues by working directly with your team, as well as leveraging the expertise of our engineering partners and film supplies for the perfect solution
  • Being one of the few companies that produce bags up to 35 inches long and 30 inches wide

Plastic-Free Alternatives

To meet your brand’s ever-evolving needs and further bolster our commitment to sustainability, we developed proprietary ECOVA™. ECOVA™ is a 100% plastic-free overwrap substrate that is more environmentally friendly.

Nexxa’s ECOVA™ Excels In:

  • Eliminating all plastic from bath, towel, and napkin overwraps
  • Appealing to consumers with its eco-friendly promise while ensuring a quality look and feel that sets your brand apart
  • ECOVA™ seal technology provides a drop-in alternative to current polyethylene-based offerings
  • Using 100% recycled fiber, allowing consumers to feel good about recycling it

Confidence in the Result

We deliver superior results because we exceed expectations. The ability to accommodate tight deadlines and last-minute orders without compromising on quality is thanks in part to the sense of urgency that we bring to every project. We understand that you can’t afford delays. Our expertise and attention to detail translate to assurance and confidence that we will get the job done right, no matter what.

Nexxa’s Market Expertise

Retail Towel & Tissue

Top brands in the category rely on us for unparalleled printed overwrap for single or multi-pack bath, towel, and napkin packaging.


We’re immersed in commercial lines of business and have honed our portfolio of products to meet those needs with printed paper sleeves, wraps, overwraps, and mailer films.


Our industrial applications, including carpet backing and building materials, hold up in the toughest of situations.


As the preferred supplier to a top medical product manufacturer, we always live up to the highest standards of excellence.


Our services extend to numerous other industries and applications, including food service and non-woven printed materials.

Dedication to Service

Service is at the forefront of everything Nexxa does. From the moment you contact us, we consider you a partner in our process. Our staff has decades of printing experience and understands the smallest details and largest challenges your business has. We work with you through collaboration, exchanging inspiration and new approaches to take your brand and your business to the next level of success. We provide unparalleled customer service and work diligently to exceed your expectations through flexible scheduling and our ability to adapt quickly to changes and demands.

We’re Committed to Sustainability

Nexxa believes in doing the right thing and has a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable environmental practices. Ask us about our new environmentally friendly substrate, ECOVA™. We hold chain-of-custody certifications for FSC®, SFI®, and PEFC®.

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